Analytics initiatives are encouraging cloud adoption

Nearly half of organizations say big data push is driving new hosting strategy, says Mark Clayman.

Many organizations that have adopted cloud services or are planning to do so say data analytics or big data is a primary driver, according to a new study by TriCore Solutions, a provider of application management products.

The company surveyed 236 U.S. IT professionals in April. While reduced costs and streamlined operations are the primary drivers for adopting cloud services, 41 percent said data analytics or big data were main factors in moving to the cloud. One quarter of the respondents said the Internet of Things (IoT) is a related driver.

About half (49 percent) of the organizations surveyed are using private clouds, while 32 percent are using a hybrid IT environment, and only 19 percent are using public cloud services. Nearly all of the survey respondents agreed that cyber security is a major concern with regard to public cloud adoption.

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Many companies are budgeting for IT transformations, with 43 percent of respondents saying 40 percent or more of their organization’s IT budget allocated to digital transformation efforts. More than half of organizations surveyed rely on a cloud provider, and 35 percent rely on a managed service provider (MSP) to ease uncertainty about the best or most realistic path to digital transformation.

“As organizations move towards a cloud-first strategy, IT leaders need a strategic roadmap to ensure they are choosing the right journey through digital transformation,” said Mark Clayman, CEO and president of TriCore. “Though there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to the cloud, partnering with the right cloud provider or MSP allows organizations to unlock the keys to today’s digital age, helping them better understand and efficiently leverage the data available to them.”

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