Allied health professionals: what drives their EHR experience?

Allied health professionals (also often called ancillary care providers) are a group of EHR users that have—until now—received less focus in Arch Collaborative reports. This study shares core findings about this group of users and their EHR experience. 

A Wide Spectrum of Allied Health Roles 

The main allied health roles represented in this data are pharmacists, followed by physical therapists and technologists. Social workers, technicians, occupational therapists, dietitians/nutritionists, respiratory therapists, counselors, speech therapists, and clinical laboratory scientists each make up less than 10% of surveyed allied health professionals. At least a dozen organizations are represented in each role type. Other allied health roles with very small numbers of respondents (e.g., audiologist, chaplain) appear in other Collaborative data but are not represented here. 

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