Accenture gives healthcare startups another chance to shine

Annual event supports innovators, such as last year’s winner, Nanowear, which derived many benefits, says Venk Varadan.

For the third year, Accenture is bringing back its Health Tech Innovation Challenge, which attracted 1,200 startup applicants in the first two years to bring innovators together with health and life sciences companies.

The application period for innovators is now open through September 1. Past innovators worked on projects such as improving access to care, quality and affordability of care. The 2017 challenge winner was Nanowear, which created an undergarment for monitoring congestive heart failure.

“The Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge built significant awareness and momentum for Nanoware as we continue to approach a prominent clinical study and commercial launch this year,” says Venk Varadan, co-founder and CEO at Nanoware.

The organization and other participants had access to healthcare stakeholders, mentorship programs and providers, payers, device companies, pharmaceutical firms, information technology executives regulatory entities and investors, he adds.

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There are three new categories for this year’s challenge:

• Keeping a population healthy through wellness and prevention with a focus on reducing hospital visits by encouraging lifestyle management, use of remote delivery models and better education.

• Using digital health solutions to deliver better outcomes via telehealth, artificial intelligence, digital clinical trials, blockchain, IoT digital pills, 3D printing and real-world evidence.

• Improving care delivery with improved office management, cost transparency, better workflows and care coordination.

Regional pitching sessions will occur this year in Tokyo, Sydney, Dublin and Boston with the final judging being held in San Francisco in early January 2019.

More information is available here and the application is available here.

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