6 ways to optimize EHR system performance and usage

To get the best results from clinical systems, IT executives need to maximize planning and take full advantage of support programs.

6 ways to optimize EHR system performance and usage

A healthcare organization has gone through the process of selecting an electronic health record system. The process was arduous, but it is done. Now, however, comes a new phase that likely will be more difficult—the leveraging of all of the EHR’s capabilities to get the most benefit out of the investment. Jerris Heaton offers six ways to optimize the EHR and usage of the system in an article he wrote for ChartLogic, which offers a suite of ambulatory software for primary care and specialty physician practices.

Learn the key features that practices often forget to use

EHRs have an abundant number of key features, but there are five in particular to which organizations need to pay close attention. These include template builders, voice dictation, e-prescribing, patient portals and patient trackers.

Learn the interface and navigation

Go beyond the default interface and navigation. Dive into every corner of the EHR system and learn how to navigate all the tools and features effectively.

Create customized templates

Most EHRs provide customized templates for an organization’s specific specialties and preferences. This entails building out the most-used templates and having the availability to get help at the press of a button, which will save many hours of time over the use of the system.

Work with the staff

Once core members are familiar with the ins-and-outs of the EHR, share the knowledge with the rest of the team, teaching them tips and tricks to create a more efficient practice.

Ask questions during implementation

If adopting a new EHR, have a list of questions ready to complete setup and configuration on Day One. This will help solve optimization efforts moving forward.

Take advantage of support systems

Support teams are vital to an EHR’s success, so pick one with a proven support system that delivers timely solutions and accepts calls or messages about simple issues.

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