6 award-winning FHIR applications

Emerging standard already is enabling data interoperability in real-world settings.

6 award-winning FHIR applications

Health Level Seven recently conducted its FHIR Applications Roundtable at the Duke University School of Medicine. The event highlighted 39 FHIR-based solutions developed by various providers and other organizations. After a series of presentations spread over two days, attendees voted on their favorites, and six presenters were recognized for their products. The event featured a variety of use cases showing how the interoperability standard can make data more accessible to patients and caregivers.


Aidbox is a cloud FHIR platform for modern web and mobile healthcare applications.

Contact: Pavel Smirnov, Health Samurai

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Applicadia is a natural language voice-driven clinical reporting platform for FHIR, with real-time CQL base clinical decision support.

Contact: Richard Esmond, PenRad

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HSPC Sandbox

Sandbox, created by a provider-vendor consortium, is a personal instance of a SMART on FHIR platform in the cloud complete with tools and sample data to help developers build and test health apps.

Contact: Rick Freeman, The Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC)

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Iris Chatbot

Iris Chatbot enables a patient to schedule a doctor’s appointment and order medication refills from within Facebook Messenger or iMessage.

Contact: Chris Sprague, Leap Frog Technology

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RIMIDI supports FHIR integration with Cerner’s app gallery and with the HealtheLife patient portal. This is a cloud-based enterprise solution with predictive analytics for diabetes management.

Contact: Lucie Ide, MD, RIMIDI

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SyntheticMass and Synthea

SyntheticMass is a public FHIR server and tool hosting clinical data for 1 million synthetic simulated patients within Massachusetts.

Contact: Jason Walonoski, The MITRE Corp.

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Other participants

A list of information on all 39 developers that presented applications at the FHIR Applications Roundtable can be found here .

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