Rising pressure for combining organizations to produce quick benefits makes IT analysis critical in the earliest plans for consolidation.
February 2
As healthcare organizations move data and applications offsite, it becomes increasingly important to assess all costs and risks.
January 23
Changes to information technology and billing systems will be essential to cope with the new coding guidelines.
January 14
A group representing healthcare security pros warns that hospitals and healthcare organizations could be top priority targets because of their relatively weak security.
January 9
As organizations aim to integrate various types of images into clinical systems, HIT executives need to take steps to maximize benefits and minimize risks.
January 7
Payers’ applications of HIT, tech giant moves into healthcare and growing uses of artificial intelligence topped the charts this past year.
December 22
Our most popular compilations run the gamut from the most powerful women in healthcare IT or predictions about how information technology will affect care delivery.
December 17
Rapid changes in the healthcare industry are placing new challenges on information technology.
December 16
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