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Law officials in various states are becoming much more active and now banding together to initiate suits.
August 19
To get the best results from clinical systems, IT executives need to maximize planning and take full advantage of support programs.
August 13
Finding a well-experienced and reliable partner is crucial to ensure an organization’s data is protected.
August 12
A shift in HIT executive focus is essential in achieving a transition in responsibilities from a purely operational perview to a new strategic focus.
July 26
The technology can be used to aid medical research, assess potential diagnoses and protect networks.
July 17
Wireless brain sensors and smart inhalers for managing asthma are among the trending medical advances.
July 10
Cyber attacks are happening with increasing regularity, and health organizations need a recovery plan.
July 2
A Pew Charitable Trust report details how challenges can lead to drug errors that can jeopardize young patients.
July 1