As the healthcare industry accelerates its transition to a value-based model, the stakes are mounting for providers looking to improve patient outcomes and achieve financial goals. The dramatic increases in the volume, velocity and variety of healthcare data can be a tremendous asset for healthcare companies—but only if they know how to use it efficiently without undue complexity or burden on hospital IT staff, clinicians and administrators.

Join this executive roundtable event and get real-world, practical advice on the strategies and tools that can help turn this mountain of healthcare data into real value, from data collection and integration to analysis, reporting and action. You’ll hear about such key trends as:

—Ensuring security, governance and compliance through smart data management practices
—Using behavioral health data to get a comprehensive view of the patient
—Assessing the impact of powerful industry trends on data strategies, including the move by high-tech giants into healthcare and the “urge to merge” that is reshaping the competitive landscape

Key Speakers

Mike Perkowski
Co-Founder & Partner, New Reality Media, LLC
Michael Jarjour
President and CEO ODH
Rubén José King-Shaw Jr.
Chairman, President & CEO MedicFP
Monica Oss
CEO, Open Minds