Imaging is one of the fastest-growing and most relied-upon departments in modern healthcare. And, in today’s value-based care model, it also holds great potential for significantly improved reimbursement levels. That’s why so many healthcare organizations are investing in modernized enterprise imaging solutions.

This free one-hour webinar gives practical and pointed suggestions on how to update and upgrade your all-important imaging systems in order to improve patient care and to align closely with value-based reimbursement models. With imaging data increasingly at the heart of healthcare information workflows, the issues covered by real-world healthcare experts can act as valuable lessons for your use of modernized enterprise imaging to measure and document quality, efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

Key Speakers

Rita Patel Jackson
VP of Global Marketing, Analytics Solutions GE Healthcare
Derek Danois
Principal & General Manager, Global Imaging Solutions, GE Healthcare
Dr. Rasu Shrestha
Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC
Mike Perkowski
Co-Founder & Partner, New Reality Media, LLC