Mining for gold in EHR data

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The push to implement EHRs began nearly 10 years ago, prodded by federal incentives to put systems in place. Some pioneers have had records systems far longer. In any case, EHR systems have amassed vast quantities of data, and healthcare organizations are now looking for the best possible way to process that information to provide measurable benefits. But doing so will take more than technical capabilities—new ways of implementing healthcare IT will need to come into play.

The webinar will feature HIT executives who are leading efforts to use EHR data to improve care processes, and how they envision increasing the effectiveness of these efforts in the next few years.

Attendees will learn:
How leading organizations are using the data they have on hand to achieve measurable results.
How data is being used to improve population health initiatives.
How leaders foresee changes in their use of HIT in the coming years.

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Key Speakers
  • MSN, RN, Director, Enterprise Systems, Clinical/Epic, Texas Children's Hospital
    December 11
  • Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Mount Sinai Health System
    December 2
  • Editor-in-Chief, Health Data Management
    August 5