In the midst of turmoil, healthcare organizations remain committed to key goals of producing excellent results at the right cost and improving the health of communities and populations. Information technology is mission critical to achieving the goals of transformation but organizations have learned that technology without sound information governance and management strategy across the enterprise can be risky and costly business.

Healthcare transformation requires trusted information and a purposeful strategy for managing and governing that information. This web seminar will illustrate through case experiences how sound enterprise-wide information governance and management (IG & M) strategies advance transformational goals. Effective governance is the single most important predictor of the value an organization generates from its information with value taking the form of reduced operating costs, improved organizational performance and reduced compliance risks.

The web seminar will help participants:

  1. Build the case for advancing enterprise information management and governance in their own organizations
  2. Relate information management and governance to the organization’s overall goals
  3. Set priorities for areas of opportunity and develop guiding coalitions
  4. Measure return on investment in IG & M

Key Speakers

Linda Kloss
CEO of Kloss Strategic Advisors
Joe Ponder
Vice President, Information Governance LifePoint Health
Greg Slabodkin
Moderator: Managing Editor, Health Data Management