Healthcare organizations are under constant regulatory and financial pressure to show they’re improving the quality of patient care while also driving down healthcare costs. At the same time, these organizations must maintain their own profitability.

Data analytics are the key. Healthcare organizations are awash in information, from Electronic Health Records, to billing and claims data, to clinical and operational reporting. By applying analytics to this wealth of data, healthcare organizations can increase efficiency, reduce delays, and find new insights for improving the patient experience.

During this session, we'll be joined by analytics leaders from Privia Health. Eric Schumann, Senior Director of Corporate Analytics, and Ashish Kathuria, Director of Business Intelligence, will share their first-hand experiences in bringing analytics to the front lines and describe the impact on revenue cycle management, accountable care solutions, and patient satisfaction. Among the topics to be discussed:

· Selecting the right analytics tools and educating users in their use
· Identifying data sources to fuel analytics efforts
· Creating a nurturing environment to encourage analytic studies

In addition, you’ll receive a Guide to the Top 12 Analytics and Mobile Solutions for Healthcare.

Key Speakers

Jim Ericson
Consultant, Editor Emeritus, Information Management (Moderator)
Lou Martinage
Senior Industry Solutions Manager, MicroStrategy
Eric Schumann
Senior Director, Corporate Analytics Privia Health
Ashish Kathuria
Director, Business Intelligence, Privia Health