Working with third-party vendors is an essential requirement for healthcare providers, which often deal with dozens or hundreds of third-party vendors for a wide range of clinical, financial and operational functions. And every time a healthcare provider enters into a new relationship with a third-party business associate, the risk profile increases from numerous perspectives, including compliance, governance, data loss prevention and cyber-security.

Reducing your third-party vendor risk profile—even as those relationships expand in number and complexity—is a must for healthcare providers, and healthcare IT professionals need smart, actionable, scalable and affordable strategies. Register today for this free webinar and get real-world, proven advice on how to put in place an effective and efficient third-party vendor risk management program.

Key Speakers

Mike Perkowski
Co-Founder & Partner, New Reality Media, LLC
Brad Keller, JD, CTPRP
Senior Director of Third-Party Strategy Prevalent