Patient matching is at the forefront of the national Health IT conversation, and the ONC and CHIME have both run patient matching competitions in search of a better approach.

But a next-generation approach already exists that organizations can use to dramatically improve their patient matching in three simple steps. Hear about this approach, called “Referential Matching,” and learn about the real-world successes of three organizations that used it:

· One organization “crawled” by seeing how many duplicates its EHR had

· One organization “walked” by automatically resolve the toughest matches its MPI couldn’t resolve

· One organization “ran” by deploying a SaaS MPI in 4 months that used Referential Matching

Key Speakers

Joaquim Neto
VP of Healthcare, Verato
Mark LaRow
CEO Verato
Jim Ericson
Consultant, Editor Emeritus, Information Management (Moderator)