RIP, Master Patient Indexes. Although not the most sophisticated technologies of their generation, MPIs helped many organizations match patients to their records. But they have reached their limits and organizations have begun to pull their plugs. Ultimately, MPIs have been done in by hidden costs (data stewardship, algorithm tuning, periodic upgrades) and an inability to succeed with increasingly poor patient data quality.

But will MPIs be reborn in the cloud? Join this haunted and Halloween-themed webinar from Verato and RGV HIE to learn:

  • About the demise of conventional MPIs
  • Why conventional MPIs have a much higher total cost of ownership than advertised
  • About a new generation of “universal” MPIs that are SaaS-based, fast to implement, effortless to operate, and dramatically more precise
  • About a real-world use case of a “universal” MPI in action

Key Speakers

Joaquim Neto
VP of Healthcare, Verato
Genaro Garza
Director of Technology; RGV HIE
Jim Ericson
Consultant, Editor Emeritus, Information Management (Moderator)