Slideshow Top highlights from HDM’s Value-based Care Conference

  • September 28 2016, 2:26pm EDT

Top highlights from HDM’s Value-based Care Conference

Health Data Management’s conference last week on Best Practices in Value-Based Care showcased various sessions that provided insights into the latest trends affecting the healthcare industry as it tries to adjust to changes in reimbursement approaches. What follows are some of the scenes from the presentations, question-and-answer sessions and networking opportunities.

Perspectives on Quality panel discussion

Moderated by Gabe Orthous, the value-based care analytics consultant for Himformatics, the panel looked at various ways technology is assisting organizations in improving quality under value-based care.

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Patrick McGill, MD

Serving as the medical director for physician informatics for Community Health Network in Indianapolis, McGill discussed how new initiatives are leading to improvements in care coordination to cope with the demands of value-based care.

Jeffrey Nathanson

After one of the presentations, Nathanson posed a question regarding how digital technologies can help providers adapt to value-based care. He is president and CEO of Prime Health, which facilitates the teaming of healthcare innovators with provider delivery systems.

Matt Muller, MD

Muller is the safety and quality officer for Emergency Medical Consultants, and he was part of a panel that discussed the increased visibility of quality initiatives to support value-based care.

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Vaughn Kauffman

Panel discussions can be fun, and this is Kauffman as he moderated a panel that was discussing the approaching intersection of digital health and value-based care.

Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith, a director at PwC teamed with Jon Souder, director of health industries advisory at PwC, to discuss the risks for healthcare organizations that are new to the risks in value-based care contracts.

Robert Rahal

Rahal, president of the South Texas chapter of ACHE, participates in a question and answer session after a presentation on the new health economy and the role of new digital tools.

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Networking at lunch

Before settling in for dinner, two attendees at HDM’s Best Practices in Value-Based Care Conference discuss the previous educational session.

Networking at lunch

Before a lunch presentation, Aaron Garinger, CEO of CareVision Solutions, discusses value-based care with another attendee at the conference.

Jim Giordano

Moderating a panel on post-acute care integration in the care delivery continuum, Giordano drew upon his 25 years of healthcare management experience to discuss the importance of post-acute care in optimizing care and recovery for patients.