Top 9 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2015
How will cloud computing evolve in 2015? Here are the key trends you'll need to track across private cloud, hybrid clouds and public clouds, according to Forrester Research.

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1. Microsoft Cloud Beats Microsoft On-Premises
Imagine the day when Microsoft's cloud revenues exceed traditional on-premises sales of Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange and more. That day could be coming soon, Forrester predicts. Platforms like Azure and Office 365 set the stage for that eventual reality. And Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's mobile first, cloud first efforts could accelerate that self-fulfilling prophecy.

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2. Cloud APIs Tie Everything Together
So-called REST interfaces and API (application programming interface) management solutions will help developers and IT departments to integrate multiple cloud and on-premises services.

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3. Cloud Hacks Are Unavoidable
More SaaS hacks are coming. But in many cases, it will be the customer's fault. Why? Poor compliance practices and lack of training will undermine many end-user organizations accessing third-party SaaS services, Forrester predicts.

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4. Docker Containers Ship Everywhere
Docker, the open source container technology, will allow customers to more easily build, move and manage applications on the cloud. Most of the major public cloud providers now support Docker -- or plan to do so by early 2015.

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5. Hybrid Cloud Management Gets Real
So, you want to manage workloads on-premises and across multiple public or private clouds. A growing portfolio of tools will allow you to do so, potentially giving you a single dashboard for all of your cloud systems.

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6. Managed Private Clouds Will Face Certain Death
The idea of a service provider remotely managing your on-premises private cloud will involve more trouble than its worth. The death may not be immediate, but it's coming.

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7. SaaS Will Branch Out Into Vertical Markets
Companies like Saleforce.com and WorkDay will stretch beyond their horizontal roots (CRM, HR, etc.) and start to introduce vertical market extensions for manufacturing, health care, financial services and more.

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8. SaaS Vendors Tiptoe Toward Hybrid Cloud
SaaS vendors that offer public-only, multi-tenant deployments may introduce some hybrid services that could even stretch into the on-premises market.

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9. Cloud Storage Price Cuts Could Be Fatal
Symantec Backup Exec Cloud is dead. More deaths are coming because commodity online backup is not a sustainable business. Forrester is calling on storage companies to move into business continuity, disaster recovery as a service, eDiscovery and other higher-margin areas.

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Special thanks to Forrester Research for the overall content list, and to ZDNet for a few of the spins -- particularly "tiptoeing" into hybrid cloud (item 8).

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