Slideshow Photos from the Healthcare Analytics Conference, Day 1

  • July 19 2016, 6:49am EDT

Health Data Management's 5th Healthcare Analytics conference

HDM kicked off its Healthcare Analytics symposium, chaired by former editor Greg Gillespie. Presentations Monday focused on how analytics and big data are being used in provider organizations and opportunities that lie on the horizon. Here are some images from the day's events.

Esther Choy

Esther Choy helped lead a session on Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare, presenting with J. Bryan Bennett. Both are adjunct professors at Northwestern University.

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Scott Vold

Vold, co-founder and CEO of Fibroblast, was a part of a panel discussing the future of healthcare analytics: Perspectives from the front lines of innovation.

Star Cunningham

Cunninghame is founder and CEO, 4D Healthware, and a participant in the panel discussion of the future of healthcare analytics: Perspectives from the front lines of innovation.

Steven Collens

CEO of MATTER, a Chicago-based incubator, Collens moderated the discussion on healthcare innovation and analytics.

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Joe Kimura, MD

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Atrius, Kimura talked about the growing use of analytics in value-based care and the impact it's having on his organization.

Charles Macias, MD

Macias serves as chief clinical systems integration officer and director of the evidence-based outcomes center at Texas Children's Hospital.

Christine Watts

Watts is chief enterprise architect at The University of Chicago Medicine and presented on the topic of improving throughput, capacity and costs in operating rooms through the use of real-time analytic capabilities.

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Roy Wilds and Summer Kahlon, MD

Wilds is chief data officer for Phemi Systems; Kahlon is director of care innovation for Oracle Health Sciences. They were on a panel discussing operational efficiency.

Vijay Venkatesan

Venkatesan is chief data officer, healthcare intelligence, for Providence Health & Services, and participated on the panel discussion of operational efficiencies that can be gained through the use of analytics.