Slideshow Photo highlights of HDM's Healthcare Analytics 2016 Conference

  • July 21 2016, 2:19pm EDT
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Two days of discussion on cutting-edge analytics

HDM's Healthcare Analytics 2016 conference in Chicago July 18 and 19. The event was chaired by former editor Greg Gillespie. Presentations focused on how analytics and big data in a variety of venues to bring improvements to provider operations and in delivering better care to patients.

The importance of leadership in crafting a vision for data

J. Bryan Bennett, a predictive analytics curriculum subject matter expert and adjunct professor at Northwestern University, helped lead a session on prescribing leadership in healthcare.

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Discussion time during the leadership workshop

David Esser, assistant vice president of CitiusTech, discusses the importance of leadership qualities during the Monday workshop on leadership development.

How analytics plays into leadership capabilities

Mark Pierce, CIO at Parkview Health, listens to another attendee during a discussion of how to bring leadership capabilities to bear in advancing the cause of analytics in healthcare organizations.

'Visual learners' need to see data results to gain insights

Andy De, global industry director of healthcare and life sciences for Tableau Software, shared some of the insights that healthcare organizations were able to achieve with analytics, achieving savings from operations, gaining efficiencies and improving patient care.

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Analytics All-Star for population health

Javier Bocanegra, MD, of Community Family Medicine of San Antonio, Texas, accepts the award for one of the projects of the year for population Health. His organization uses analytics to run a Bridge of Excellence program that helps identify and target at-risk patients.

Using analytics to advance patient safety

Holly O’Brien, safety program manager at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, accepts an Analytics All-star Award for the facility's use of analytics to improve patient safety.

Analytics at Mercy improve performance in accountable care

Jamie Oswald, manager of data analytics and engineering at Mercy, a St. Louis-based health system, accepts an award for the organization's work in accountable care. Oswald was accepting the award for Betty Jo Rocchio, vice president of perioperative performance acceleration at Mercy.

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Sharing and exchanging uses for analytics

Amy Maneker, chief medical information officer at Akron Childrens Hospital, takes time to discuss analytics strategies with a colleague at HDM's Healthcare Analytics 2016 conference.

Emerging new technologies and their impact on analytics

Star Cunningham, founder and CEO of 4D Healthware, discusses the capabilities of her company's technology for providers during a session entitled, "The Future of Healthcare Analytics: Perspectives From The Front Line of Innovation."

Inquiring minds want to know

The panel discussion on the "Future of Healthcare Analytics: Perspectives From The Front Line of Innovation," included time for questions from the audience about the speed of implementation and when emerging technologies would be ready for mainstream use.

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Time for dialogue

Discussion during the emerging technologies panel included thought-provoking questions about how startups envision building their business cases in serving healthcare organizations.

Exhibit hall discussions

HDM's Healthcare Analytics 2016 conference included time for attendees to meet with analytics-focused companies to learn more about product capabilities and how they could be used in healthcare settings.