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  • December 07 2011, 4:43pm EST
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Meaningful Use Payouts

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reports by November, nearly $2 billion in incentive money has been paid out under the EHR meaningful use incentive programs. Here’s a look at the numbers.

Meaningful Money

Registrations for the EHR incentive programs, as well as payouts, have accelerated in recent months, according to Robert Anthony, a health insurance specialist in the CMS Office of E-Health Standards and Services, who presented the numbers to the HIT Policy Committee.

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Eligible Professional Participation

According to CMS data, there are more than 561,000 eligible professionals who can participate in the EHR incentive program. To date, 154,362 EPs, or 29.6% of total EPs, have registered for the incentive programs.

In total, 21,308 EPs had attested for 2011 meaningful use payments; 444 of those were unsuccessful.

Hospital Participation

The total number of hospitals that can participate in MU is 5,011. By the end of November, 2,868 hospitals, or 57% of all hospitals, had registered for the EHR incentive programs.

In total, 769 hospital had attested for 2011 meaningful use payments, all of them successfully.

Menu Objectives for EPs

The following four slides are a look at how eligible professionals performed on optional menu objectives. Drug formulary, immunization registries and patient lists were the most popular menu objectives. Transition of care summary and patient reminders were the least popular menu objectives.

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Eligible Professionals: Patient and Family Engagement

Eligible Professionals: Care Coordination

Eligible Professionals: Population, Public Health

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Menu Objectives for Hospitals

The following four slides are a look at how hospitals performed on optional menu objectives. The favorite and least favorite menu objectives were very similar to those of EPs, as was performance.

Hospitals: Patient and Family Engagement

Hospitals: Care Coordination

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Hospitals: Population, Public Health