Slideshow IT Talent Shortage Hits Home

  • March 13 2013, 4:41pm EDT
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IT Talent Shortage Hits Home

Health care providers are looking to make significant investments in I.T., but their leaders are concerned about a technology talent shortage, according to recent research from PwC. Following are highlights. Source: PwC.

Big Spender…

Four out of five CEOs (79%) say they anticipate increased I.T. spending in the year ahead. Big drivers are clinical informatics and system integration projects.

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…But Worry Wart

Three-fifths of the CEOs are worried about the availability of skill sets they need.

Rapid Change…

Half the CEOs are concerned by the rapid growth of technology change.

…Makes a Mark

Because of the rapid change and talent shortages, nearly 4 in 5 CEOs say they are changing their talent recruitment and retention approaches.

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Downside Risk

Three out of five CEOs (59%) say that talent shortages will likely hinder their ability to qualify for meaningful use incentives.

Help Wanted—Now!

Two-thirds of providers say they are currently experiencing I.T. staffing shortages. Part of the problem: payers and pharma are also competing for scarce talent as they ramp up I.T. in such overlapping areas as health information exchanges.