Slideshow Cybersecurity Hiring Booms, But Candidate Field is Limited

  • August 17 2015, 5:06pm EDT
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Cybersecurity Hiring Booms, But Candidate Field is Limited

Cybersecurity, once the province of defense contractors and government agencies, is booming in industries like healthcare, finance and retail, according to the third annual analysis of the job market by Burning Glass Technologies. (Photo: Fotolia)

Demand for Certification Far Exceeds Supply

In 2014, there were nearly 50,000 job postings that required the Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification (CISSP). “That amounts to three-quarters of all the people who hold that certification in the United States – and presumably most of those already have jobs. 35 percent of cybersecurity jobs call for an industry certification, compared with 23 percent of IT jobs overall.(Photo: Fotolia)

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Certification Increases Salaries

Cybersecurity jobs are highly certificated, and advanced certifications earn more pay for those that earn them. For example, job postings requesting CISSP advertised an average salary of $93,010, about 25 percent more than the average salary for those certified in Security+, an entry level certification. (Photo: Fotolia)

Growth in Demand Soars in the Last 5 Years

Cybersecurity postings have grown 91 percent from 2010 to 2014. The growth rate greatly exceeds that of IT jobs in general, which have risen 28 percent in the same time period. And cybersecurity jobs are taking 8 percent longer to fill than IT jobs overall.

Healthcare Demand is Among the Fastest Growing Sectors

There were 7,915 cybersecurity postings in healthcare and social assistance in 2014, representing 6 percent of all cybersecurity postings. From 2010 to 2014, cybersecurity postings have grown 118 percent in the healthcare segment. That’s only exceeded by job posting growth in finance and insurance (131 percent) and retail trade (120 percent) over the same period. (Photo: Fotolia)

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Workers Need to Know IT and the Industry

Healthcare cybersecurity job postings typically require candidates to know about the industry, thus limiting the field of candidates. For example, candidates for positions in healthcare need to know about generally accepted accounting principles, financial reporting, HIPAA, HITECH and payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS). (Photo: Fotolia)

No Quick Solutions to the Candidate Shortage

Skills for some IT positions can be acquired with relatively little training, but cybersecurity isn’t one of those positions. Five years of experience is required to even apply for CISSP certification, “and that doesn’t even consider the rising demand for experience in a specific industry, like healthcare or finance,” Burning Glass notes. (Photo: Fotolia)

Employers, Training Partners Must Collaborate

Of job postings listed in 2014, 84 percent specify a bachelor’s degree, and 83 percent require at least three years of experience. Because of the high education and experience requirements for these roles, skill gaps won’t be solved through short-term solutions. “Employers and training providers must work together to cultivate a talent pipeline,” the consultancy says. (Photo: Fotolia)

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