Slideshow Best in KLAS: Medical Equipment, Infrastructure

  • July 29 2014, 5:07pm EDT
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HIT vendor research firm KLAS Enterprises has published its 2014 Best in KLAS Awards for medical equipment and infrastructure products. Following are the vendors recognized in this year’s report.

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<B>Overall Top Performers</B>

Orem, Utah-based KLAS ranks vendors on the basis of customer satisfaction surveys. Omnicell (5) and Philips (4) won the most awards. Omnicell was the highest overall Pharmacy Automation Equipment vendor with a score of 85.3 out of 100. Philips was the highest overall Imaging Equipment vendor with a score of 88.9.

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<B>Best in KLAS for Imaging Equipment</B>

Computed Tomography - 64-Slice+: Toshiba Aquilion PRIME (93.5). Digital X-ray: Shimadzu RADspeed (91.2). Magnetic Resonance - 3.0T: Philips Ingenia (91.3). Magnetic Resonance-1.5T: Philips Ingenia (91.1). Mammography – Digital: Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D Breast Tomosynthesis (95.2). Radiation Therapy: Elekta Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion (92.8). Ultrasound – General Imaging: Siemens ACUSON S3000 (91.0). Ultrasound – Cardiovascular: Philips iE33 (88.5).

<B>Best in KLAS for Pharmacy Automation Equipment</B>

Automated Medication Dispensing Units: Omnicell OmniRx (87.3). Smart Pumps – LVP: Baxter Healthcare SIGMA Spectrum (83.2).

<B>Imaging Equipment “Category Leaders”</B> (Products with a narrower operational/clinical impact)

CV/IR X-ray: Toshiba Infinix-i: (90.8). Digital X-ray – Mobile: Shimadzu Mobile DaRt Evolution Wireless (91.3).

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<B>Pharmacy Automation Equipment “Category Leaders”</B>

Anesthesia Cabinets: Omnicell Anesthesia Workstation (87.1). Controlled Substance Management Systems: Omnicell Controlled Substance Management (CSM) (90.1). Pharmacy Automation: High-Volume Unit Dose Packaging: Omnicell WorkflowRx Packager (80.4). Pharmacy Automation: IV Robots: IH Systems RIVA (81.3). Pharmacy Automation: Medication Carousels: Omnicell WorkflowRx Carousel (84.6). Pharmacy Automation: Robots (Oral Solid): Aesynt PROmanager-Rx (80.2). Smart Pumps – PCA: Carefusion Alaris PCA module TIED WITH Hospira LifeCare PCA (both 83.5). Smart Pumps – Syringe: CareFusion Alaris Syringe module (82.3).

<B>Infrastructure Category Leader</B>

Wireless Communications: Vocera Badges (86.9)

To purchase the full report, “2014 Best in KLAS: Medical Equipment and Infrastructure,” click here .