Slideshow 5 Payer Tech Trends

  • January 23 2014, 3:58pm EST
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1. Social Media

Most payers tend to lag in social media with limited meaningful dialogue on the channels, including Facebook and Twitter, the report says. Yet, their followers continue to grow with Cigna, WellPoint, and others launching social media campaigns.

2. Less Mobile Apps

Year-over-year, payers have pulled back and are focusing their efforts into a few areas, Chilmark says. The rush to create mobile apps has slowed down. Instead, payers are focusing on launches of biometric tracking initiatives and a few more careful social media investments.

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3. Launching Payer-Owned Consumer Platforms

It started in 2012 with Aetna’s CarePass platform and in 2013 other large commercial payers followed suit, with two main intentions – marketing and loyalty, and acquisition of member data.

4. Fragmented Gamification

‘Farmville’-style gamification has gone out of style toward the next generation, including caregivers and family. Some players have announced plans to create fully featured social and gamified consumer offerings, Chilmark says.

5. Biometric Activity Tracking

Since last year, biometric tracking has grown significantly, Chilmark says, using both dedicated hardware as well as built-in tracking capabilities in smartphones.

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