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3 Challenges to a Consistent Data Incident Response
Information security vendor ID Experts, which also offers breach remediation services, notes that the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report cited 63,437 security incidents from just 50 organizations. That is 1,268 incidents per organization per year.

Despite the frequency of security incidents, healthcare organizations and others struggle with how they respond to privacy incidents. Data used to reside in the data center, and then came distributed systems that link locations; mobile computing provides links to employees and customers. “Today, there is no perimeter,” according to ID Experts. “Business advantage follows where the data flows, leaving the CISO to safeguard data that can be in use or in transit anytime, and often anywhere in the world.” The vendor offers three challenges organizations will face when developing a coordinated and consistent incident response process. (Photo: Fotolia)