Slideshow 13 Organizations Boosting New HIT Businesses

  • November 11 2015, 7:00pm EST
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13 Organizations Boosting New HIT Businesses

The number of accelerators and incubators focused on startups in healthcare and digital health has been growing rapidly, and Health Data Management describes 13 of them in the following slides.

Differences Between Accelerators and Incubators

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, there are some differences between the two types of programs. Accelerators usually are intensive and structured programs that occur over a short period of time. On the other hand, incubators—which frequently are sponsored by a university or governmental entity—usually do not have a set time period. Incubators often charge participants below-market rental rates, while accelerators often provide seed funding in exchange for equity.

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Both Give New Businesses Some Assistance

But both accelerators and incubators are designed to help entrepreneurs grow startup companies by offering them introductions to expert mentors; professional services such as marketing and accounting; and potential investors. Most also provide participants with access to office space, high-speed Internet and other services, although some programs are virtual.

Aging 2.0 Academy, San Francisco

Aging 2.0 Academy

A year-long accelerator program for startups in aging and long-term care that includes quarterly meetings, an Aging 2.0 Summit and other events. Relocation is not required. The program replaced a six-month accelerator that occurred from November 2013 to May 2014.

Launched: 2014 Portfolio: 31 companies primarily in digital health, including companies that participated in the earlier program.

Blueprint Health, New York

Blueprint Health

Blueprint Health operates an annual three-month accelerator program in digital health.

Launched: 2011 Portfolio: approximately 60 companies.

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Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation Acceleration Program,

Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation Acceleration Program

Children’s accelerator program focuses on both internal and external innovators and startups in digital health, devices, diagnostics and care process improvements in pediatrics. Children’s announced a partnership in November 2015 with Rock Health, an early-stage venture capital fund in digital health, to facilitate development of digital technologies in pediatrics.

Launched: 2010 Portfolio: Five companies focused on digital health.

Center for Digital Health Innovation at UCSF, San Francisco

Center for Digital Health Innovation at UCSF

CDHI is an incubator that works with innovators at both at UCSF and externally to launch technologies in precision medicine and digital health.

Launched: 2013 Portfolio: Four technology projects and four apps.

Dreamit Ventures, Philadelphia

Dreamit Ventures

Dreamit is an accelerator with programs for consumer, enterprise, healthcare and education technology companies. Dreamit Health, which was launched in 2013, hosts 16-week accelerator programs in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Launched: 2008 Portfolio: 207 companies (total, including HIT/digital health).

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Healthbox, Chicago


Healthbox Studios is an eight-week accelerator program that is held in numerous cities annually and is focused on startups in digital health and medical devices.

Launched: 2012 Portfolio: About 120 companies of which 75 percent are in digital health.

Health Wildcatters, Dallas

Health Wildcatters

A 12-week accelerator program held annually that focuses on digital health, mhealth, health information technology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.

Launched: 2013 Portfolio: About 32 companies, including about one-third in digital health, mhealth and health information technology.

Iron Yard Ventures, Spartanburg, S.C.

Iron Yard Ventures

Iron Yard organizes a three-month accelerator program focused on digital health, which is held in Spartanburg, S.C. and also includes a year of office space. (A sister program in education technology is held in Greenville, S.C.)

Launched: 2012 Portfolio: 58 companies in total, including about 28 percent in digital health.

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Launchpad Digital Health, San Francisco

Launchpad Digital Health

A 12-month accelerator program in digital health.

Launched: 2014 Portfolio: About 10 companies.

MATTER, Chicago


MATTER is an incubator program for health information technology, medical devices, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. It includes a 450-square-foot space, the AMA Interaction Studio, designed to encourage input from physicians on entrepreneurs’ projects through audio and video technologies, exam room equipment, immersive 3D projections and virtual holographic displays.

Launched: 2015 Portfolio: 115 companies of which about two-thirds are focused on health information technology.

New York Digital Health Accelerator, New York

New York Digital Health Accelerator

New York Digital Health Accelerator is an annual accelerator program for early and growth-stage digital health companies in care coordination, patient engagement and workflow improvement. The Partnership Fund for New York City and the New York eHealth Collaborative manage the program.

Launched: 2012 Portfolio: 21 companies.

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Startup Health, New York

Startup Health

Startup Health is a 36-month virtual accelerator program for digital health startups.

Launched: 2011 Portfolio: More than 100 companies.

Techstars Healthcare Accelerator, Los Angeles

Techstars Healthcare Accelerator

Techstars Healthcare Accelerator is a three-month accelerator program held in Los Angeles that Techstars offers in partnership with Cedars Sinai Medical Center. The first program will kick off in March 2016 with about 10 startups.

Launched: 2015