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EHR implementations trend higher among hospitals and doctors
More provider organizations are using electronic health records systems, according to data reported by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Large vendors predominate in the hospital market, while an increasing number of EHR companies serve physician practices.

These trends emerge from analyzing the data that ONC annually gathers from providers and the vendors they use to participate in the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. Here, Health Data Management offers insights into EHR trends, comparing this July's release of information from ONC with data it released last year.

A listing of the top EHR companies for hospitals can be found here.

A listing of the top EHR companies for eligible professionals (physicians) can be found here.
Hospitals with EHRs edge up slightly
ONC's data includes non-federal acute care hospitals, including Critical Access hospitals, that have attested to using certified EHR software. The totals exclude hospitals that are now closed, and it merges data for those hospitals that have changed status, for example, moving from general to Critical Access hospitals, and have subsequently reported under more than one unique identifier.
Slight increase in vendors with certified products
Certified health information technology meets the technological capability, functionality and security requirements adopted by the Department of Health and Human Services.
2014 certified EHR technology is widely used
Of the 4,520 hospitals attesting to meaningful use and reporting on the EHR systems they're using, the vast majority now have 2014 certified edition technology in place, ONC reports.
Largest vendors widely used in hospiotals
This chart details the number of hospitals in which products of the six largest EHR vendors are used. In 2017, ONC reports that Cerner, Meditech, Epic, CPSI and its subsidiaries, McKesson and Medhost supply certified EHR technology used by 92 percent of the nation's hospitals. This percentage for the nation's six largest vendors is the same as last year, the agency said.
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Largest percentage shifts in clients
The 20 largest EHR vendors experienced general stability in their client base over the past two years. However, this chart details the largest percentage shifts in hospital customers for vendors in the market.
Numbers of doctors using records systems rises
ONC reports that professionals using EHRs include ambulatory primary care physicians, medical and surgical specialists, podiatrists, optometrists, dentists, and chiropractors.
Consolidation among vendors not readily apparent
The number of companies offering certified EHR products to eligible professionals actually increased in the 2017 report, compared with numbers reported the previous year, ONC reported.
Largest vendors show some growth in physician users
ONC reports that the five largest EHR vendors in the physician market supply 2014 certified technology to 60 percent of all providers. While the numbers are large, that's not near the dominance exhibited by the largest vendors in the hospital market.
Large number of docs use a variety of products
Outside of the 20 largest EHR vendors in the physician marketplace, there are another 618 certified EHR products and 46 self-developed products that have been certified, ONC reports. The number of physicians using products from non-dominant vendors actually grew in the 2017 report, as compared with numbers reported the previous year.
Largest percentage shifts in physician clients
Some of the 20 largest EHR vendors experienced wide swings in their client base over the past two years. This chart shows the largest percentage shifts in eligible professional customers for vendors in the market.