Seven ambulatory optimization strategies for engaged patients and satisfied physicians

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Is it too much to expect physicians to view your EHR as a tool that actually improves patient care? While there is no “magic pill” that can cure all your patient and provider needs, there are proven strategies that, when effectively implemented, will increase patient engagement and reduce provider stress and dissatisfaction.

In this session, CTG will share seven proven strategies to use EHR optimization as the catalyst to not just improve physician satisfaction, but to make the leap to true physician engagement and adoption. We’ll discuss the traits of physicians that view the EHR as a tool to enable better care, and how you can foster the same characteristics in your care teams. We’ll discuss ways to not only improve satisfaction, but provide evidence that the needle is moving.

Topics will include:

· Personalization beyond order sets
· Team-based care impacting Population Health
· Patient portals
· Patient access
· Two-way communication
· Benchmarking

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