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Virtual Care that “Just Works”

The Caregility platform spans inpatient and outpatient telemedicine settings, with clinical workflow integrations and secure, reliable two-way audio and video communication. From within major EMRs and telecommunication protocols such as SIP, family members, interpreters, and outside clinicians can be added to virtual visits or patient observation with a click. Our software is compatible with all major mobile and computing devices used in clinical, subacute care, and home environments, with 24/7, secure, HIPAA-compliant access.  Your patients and clinicians deserve nothing less.


Caregility offers a purpose-built telehealth and virtual care infrastructure, consisting of:


  • Cross-platform software, including an administrative portal and integrations with other components, such as EMRs
  • Mounted and mobile point-of-care monitoring and communication devices. Facilities and practices can also “bring your own devices.”


Our simple API set integrates with other applications to enable telehealth sessions without complex meeting IDs, passwords, and application installations. This software also controls our market-leading patient communication and observation devices, which include wall and ceiling-mounted units, as well as mobile carts and tablets.


Telehealth doesn’t exist or operate in a vacuum. Our focus at Caregility is to help you evaluate your current workflows and wrap around the best of what you already have. With simplicity comes reduced training and onboarding time and costs, as well as improved clinician and patient experience. Benefit from Caregility’s combined clinical experience and decades of telecommunications heritage.


Hybrid Care: The Future of Telehealth

Inpatient Virtual Engagement (IVE) is the industry’s first subscription-based solution for hospital-based hybrid care at scale – every room, every bed, every patient. By enabling telehealth across the inpatient enterprise, health systems can improve operational efficiency as well as patient and clinician experiences.


Telehealth Solutions that meet the moment, and more

The Caregility Cloud™ virtual care platform provides telehealth solutions that span the continuum of care, from emergent and critical care to sub-acute settings and the patient’s own home. Using Caregility Connect integrations, users have a consistent experience, reducing training time and simplifying adoption.


Beyond virtual visits, Caregility Cloud™ users can also leverage mounted and mobile bedside (or curbside) devices for monitoring and communication whenever needed. Use cases include ICU patients, isolation units, home care, sub-acute or long-term care settings, telestroke programs, triage, behavioral health, virus testing, and more.


Clinical and IT acumen that support your success

Though telehealth promises innovation and new access to care, it also can introduce unforeseen pitfalls and pain points. How can you best leverage existing infrastructure? Room and unit layouts? Point of care devices?


Our telehealth consulting specialists have decades of experience at the bedside and with designing and implementing telehealth initiatives. We’ll help you address the present, while anticipating the future state.

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