HIMSS spotlights growing role of nursing informatics

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The growing importance of nursing professionals working as informaticists will be highlighted at the HIMSS18 conference, with a symposium delving into recent developments for the specialty.

The symposium also is designed to highlight the value that nurses deliver using health information technology. The event features thoughts from industry leaders covering such issues as improving documentation, predictive analytics, use of telehealth technologies and cybersecurity.

For example, the first session will cover new perspectives on documentation to improve usability and reduce clinician burden. The speaker is Jane Englebright, chief nursing executive, patient safety officer and a senior vice president at HCA.

The second session will examine the benefits and challenges of nursing analytics with speakers Nancee Hofmeister, senior vice president and chief nursing officer at Evergreen Health, and Whende Carroll, director of nursing informatics at KenSci.

The symposium, in Room Marcello 4401, runs from 8:00 to 4:30. One-hour sessions include:

8:15 a.m.: Session NI1: Patient Care through Effective Nursing Documentation

9:30 a.m.: Session NI2: Predictive Analytics and the Impact on Nursing Care Delivery

10:45 a.m.: Session NI3: Innovative Uses of Telehealth

12:45 p.m.: Session NI4: Surviving a Cyber Attack from an Operational Perspective

2:00 p.m.: Session NI5: The Journey to Mobility

3:15 p.m.: Session NI6: Public Health and Nurses: Roles, Responsibilities and Influence

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