Pilot project aims to use direct messaging on eHealth Exchange

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Document Storage Systems is working on a pilot project with the Sequoia Project interoperability initiative to bring direct messaging technology to community care providers.

The program’s goal is to increase the secure sharing of provider data with federal agencies that are using direct messaging by tapping into Sequoia’s Direct Trust health data exchange.

The company’s Direct Messaging pilot program on the nationwide eHealth Exchange health data sharing network is expected to increase the ability to coordinate care with community facilities by reaching more rural care providers, including critical access hospitals. The program is designed to bridge a gap for secure relevant data sharing with federal agencies using Direct Messaging.

Document Storage Systems (DSS) sells a commercialized version of the Veterans Administration’s VistA electronic health records system, along with supporting applications.

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Government entities participating in the project will receive from DSS access to all health information service providers in Director Trust as well as getting a complete directory of provider Direct addresses.

“DSS Direct can immediately open a new channel for care coordination, allowing more healthcare providers to securely share relevant health information,” says Mark Byers, president and CEO at DSS.

Providers will be able to ask for a complete summary of care via the Continuity of Care Document known as C-CDA, or only select relevant data. DSS advises providers to integrate with ReleDoc, a consultation and referral software system that enables staff to track and manage a patient referral and create an electronic referral package containing relevant data which can then be shared.

The Sequoia Project serves 75 percent of U.S. hospitals, 70,000 medical groups, 8,300 pharmacies and 120 million patients.

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