Tennessee improves oversight of medication therapies

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TennCare, the Medicaid program serving 1.4 million residents in Tennessee, has gone live on a new medication therapy management system for Medicaid members.

The system, from Altruista Health, is expected to reduce risk of drug-drug interactions, lower barriers to care and improve patient compliance.

Care teams using the medication management system will include pharmacists to monitor prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for potential interactions, assess patient compliance based on frequency of refills and identify barriers to accessible care.

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“Pharmacists play an integral role in our member’s health journey,” says Victor Wu, MD, chief medical officer at TennCare. “Engaging our members on how to use their medications and manage their diseases is essential to empowering them to take control of their own health. Integrating pharmacists with primary care and mental health providers in a collaborative care team approach can be highly impactful.”

Pharmacists can use the platform to track patients using multiple pharmacies and providers, as well as track dosages, off-label use of drugs and other medication use by at-risk patients.

With TennCare live on the platform, other provider and payer organizations now are being encouraged to use the platform to manage their populations.

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