Studies: I.T. Linked to Outcomes

Five separate research studies link the absence of telehealth, mobile health and other health I.T. applications to inferior outcomes in underserved and minority communities.

The studies are posted in Perspectives in Health Information Management, a quarterly journal of the American Health Information Management Association. The studies:

* Explain how an online diabetes self-management portal and biweekly virtual nurse visits enabled African-American diabetes to improve their health;

* Examine how use of health I.T. among minority populations differs from that of non-minority populations and the importance of using social media for health purposes;

* Consider use of disease management services delivered via cell phones;

* Review Georgia's statewide telemedicine network; and

* Explain how the Indian Health Service uses a diverse range of health I.T. tools to enhance service and achieve health equity.

The studies are available at

--Joseph Goedert


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