Regenstrief, MDClone to speed data access for medical research

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The Regenstrief Institute and Israel’s MDClone have teamed up to accelerate access to data for medical research, while ensuring patient privacy.

Launched in 2016, MDClone dramatically reduces the time to data access and protects patient privacy through its Healthcare Data Sandbox platform which is based on proprietary technology, according to Regenstrief’s announcement.

In particular, the technology creates synthetic data sets based on original data of interest which “tells the same statistical story as original data so it can be analyzed as if it were original, but it does not contain any real patient data,” states the announcement.

“Regenstrief is already the data steward and broker for one of the largest sets of biomedical data used in research around the region and the globe,” said Peter Embi, MD, president and CEO of the Regenstrief Institute. “This partnership will enhance Regenstrief’s efforts to accelerate research and innovation by significantly shortening the time to deliver research-ready, privacy-preserving synthetic data, thereby enabling new discoveries, improving quality and reducing costs.”

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Under the partnership, the two organizations are installing the new platform at Regenstrief in order to establish the infrastructure for better connecting data with researchers across the Institute, Indiana University, and other research partners.

Initially, the MDClone technology will be leveraged for data that Regenstrief manages for its partners to demonstrate its capabilities. In later stages, the organization will work on initiatives with the Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana University Health, Eskenazi Health, as well as the Indiana Health Information Exchange.

“Enabling the use of data for research is critical to producing new ideas and solutions for healthcare and for the overall health of the population,” said John Kansky, president and CEO of the Indiana Health Information Exchange. “Improving access to clinical data for research scientists and providing timely, actionable knowledge is at the core of what Regenstrief has done throughout its history. As data stewards dedicated to the support of research, we at IHIE will work closely with Regenstrief to demonstrate synthetic data’s potential to make healthcare better for Indiana’s citizens and providers.”

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