Radiology and I.T.: Finding Common Ground

Radiologists are extremely dependent on information technology staff, but I.T. isn't part of the radiology department--which means radiologists don't have control over I.T., says Paul Nagy, director of quality in the department of radiology and an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

At RNSA 2011, being held Nov. 27 to Dec. 2 in Chicago, Nagy will moderate a three-part educational session on helping I.T. better understand radiologists' needs, building a good relationship and finding ways to influence I.T. behavior. "You have to communicate with I.T. people and influence them even when they aren't under your control."

There's big and little ways to work with I.T., Nagy explains. Handing out Starbucks cards or buying lunch after getting help are nice ways of showing thanks and establishing relationships. Inviting your PACS administrator to spend an hour watching how radiologists work in reading rooms can be a real eye-opener.

"PACs administrators like to see care being delivered through their tools," Nagy says. "So, bring them down and let them see it in action. Let them come to the reading room to be a fly on the wall and observe how physicians use their tools, rather than they being there only during a problem."

Course No. RC630, "I.T. Management for Radiologists," is scheduled on Thursday, Dec. 1, at 8:30 a.m. in Room S102C. Presenters during the session include Christopher Meenan, director of I.T. at University of Maryland School of Medicine; Marc Kohil, M.D., of Indiana Radiology Partners in Indianapolis; and J. Raymond Geis, M.D., of Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants in Fort Collins, Colo. More information is available at


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