New toolkit aims to help providers manage pain, curb opioid use

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Premier, which offers services to support improved care and outcomes to 3,900 hospitals and delivery systems as well as other providers, has a new set of tools to help providers that want to improve pain management while curbing opioid use.

A Premier survey of members found a heavy focus on conducting patient assessments with standardized tools upon admission to evaluate pain levels, and to conduct more staff and clinician education on safe opioid use and alternative pain relief methods.

Many Premier members also are looking for technology tools that support decision support, patient alerts, best practices for prescribing and continuous electronic monitoring of patient-controlled analgesia to reduce or eliminate pain sensation, according to the organization.

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“Premier and its members are continuing to take significant steps to improve pain management efforts and reduce addiction, overuse and misuse by spreading and scaling tools, resources and practices focused on improving healthcare quality and patient safety,” says Susan DeVore, president and CEO at Premier.

Consequently, the organization has developed a Safer Pain Management toolkit that provides information on the history of opioids abuse, inappropriate access, patient safety and pain management techniques.

Also available is an analysis of opioid visits, utilization and prescribing practices in emergency departments at 650 hospitals along with measures to enable members to benchmark their practice patterns against a national set of data.

Premier’s new services were informed via a survey of nearly 50 healthcare senior executives during the fall of 2017. The toolkit is available here.

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