Life Image, join to help connect patients to trials

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Two companies are working together to bring artificial intelligence to empower patient recruitment for oncology trials.

Life Image and will collaborate to use their strengths to improve the research process that’s been used to identify patients and pair them with clinical trials, with the goal of reducing administrative and cost burdens associated with research.

Life Image offers an extensive interoperable network of imaging and other clinical data. The company has recently re-launched its Interoperability Suite, which integrates into existing workflows, orchestrating the flow of more than 10 million clinical encounters per month, connecting 1,500 U.S. facilities, 8,000 affiliated sites, 150,000 U.S. providers, and 58,000 global clinics with life sciences, medical device companies and telehealth companies. has its Mendel Brain, which helps life sciences and research facilities analyze clinical data at a site location to identify patient cohorts for a given protocol. The company contends that the application yields 30 percent to 50 percent more patients while cutting the time it take from determining patient eligibility and identification. The application also can identify potential trials for patients by comparing their EMR data to a database of trials from more than 40,000 sources.

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Mendel Brain will be offered as a component of the Life Image Interoperability Suite to deliver additional value to its large network of research hospitals. The companies believe the ease of interoperability and integration available through Life Image will help accelerate the adoption and application of Mendel Brain while providing greater access to clinical data, including imaging data to help increase accuracy in patient selection.

“Assembling clinical trials has long posed significant challenges for both our core customers as well as the healthcare industry as a whole,” says Matthew Michela, president and CEO of Life Image. “EHRs, imaging, lab and other systems in the clinical setting have the information we need to find the most appropriate patient cohorts, but that data needs to be interoperable and searchable to have utility. This partnership with Mendel allows us to offer our network, interoperability and imaging expertise to augment Mendel Brain.”

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