HRSA awards $21M to health centers to recruit for PMI cohort

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A federal agency has awarded $21 million to 46 community health centers to support their participation in the Precision Medicine Initiative’s All of Us research program.

Funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration will be used to enhance the health centers’ interoperability functionality, preparedness to use and share patient data, as well as their capacity to participate in future research opportunities.

The health centers participating in the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us research program will help to recruit volunteers to contribute their physical, genomic and electronic health record data for use by researchers looking to measure risk for a range of diseases based on environmental exposures, genetic factors and interactions between the two.

“Community health centers provide high-quality preventive and primary health care—they can help engage participants from underserved communities, which will be vital to All of Us in producing meaningful health outcomes,” says HRSA Administrator George Sigounas. “We are proud to be a part of this historic effort to gather data from people across America to advance medical research and improve health.”

In May, the All of Us research program officially began national enrollment. Currently, about 100,000 participants have signed up to provide their health data.

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In addition to providing blood and urine samples as well as access to their EHRs, information will be collected from participants in the All of Us program through wearable devices, physical measurements, and surveys. Ultimately, the goal is to enroll a million or more volunteers and to build one of the world’s largest biomedical datasets in order to generate medical breakthroughs.

“Community health centers are vital to engaging people who have been underrepresented in research,” says NIH Director Francis Collins, MD. “The success of the program will rely on a diverse population of participants, and the collaboration with HRSA will help accomplish the All of Us mission to enable individualized prevention, treatment and care for all populations.”

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