Medsphere picks Amazon Web Services for cloud-based EHR

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Medsphere Systems has migrated its CareVue electronic health records system to the cloud, specifically putting the application on Amazon Web Services.

The company says the move expands availability to the product, enabling current and future Medsphere customers to have a platform as a service (PaaS) option for using its EHR system while potentially cutting costs.

Specifically, community hospitals will be able to use the cloud-based records system to eliminate the need to have an on-premises data center. Security for data can be enhanced through the use of professional security profiles, Medsphere contends.

“Our goal has been to balance out the tension between security and system access, and we’re confident that CareVue Cloud creates peace of mind without putting unnecessary burdens on clinicians,” says Irv Lichtenwald, Medsphere president and CEO. “After researching options, we became convinced AWS is the most secure and robust platform available to host CareVue Cloud, which we think will give our customers security and stability as they focus on clinical hospital programs.”

Medsphere also says the AWS approach enables it to add the following capabilities to its cloud-based records system:

• Security-focused design philosophy: Customer systems are isolated from one another, and live and back-up systems are geographically distinct.

• Access control: Secure access is enabled through communication via IPsec virtual private networks (VPN) and multi-factor authentication.

• Encryption: Patient data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

• Disaster recovery/Business continuity: Live and back-up systems are geographically separate, with constant data replication and hourly system snapshots.

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