IHIN joins Koble Group to establish multi-state public HIE

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The Iowa Health Information Network has signed an agreement with the Koble Group, a Minnesota state-certified health information organization, to use the network platform that the Minnesota organization is using.

As a result of the agreement, both organizations will be operating on Amadeus platform for sharing data offered by Orion Health.

The inclusion of IHIN on the platform supports the Koble Group’s efforts to create a multi-state HIE that will share resources and exchange crucial health information across borders, providing providers with access to more complete patient information. By utilizing shared core services and technology, collaboration among participating states and HIE organizations is greatly improved, Koble executives say.

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The Koble Group is a health information technology company that specializes in HIE management services.

By expanding Orion Health’s platform from Minnesota to Iowa, participants from both states can now use the solution to give healthcare professionals real-time cognitive support at the point of care. IHIN chose to partner with The Koble Group because of its use of the Orion Health big data platform, as well as its HIE-specific focus. Koble currently provides HIE support services in North Dakota as well as several other HIEs across the nation.

”Our philosophy is simple—healthcare doesn’t stop at geographic borders, and neither should health information exchange,” said Koble Group CEO Chad Peterson.

Using Koble Group’s Orion platform, “We can ensure more comprehensive care coordination in Iowa, providing hospitals, medical practices, government agencies and insurers with access to accurate, real-time data,” ,” said Dale Emerson, CEO of IHIN, the official statewide health information exchange for Iowa.

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