Colorado HIE to improve patient matching with Verato

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CORHIO, a statewide health information exchange in Colorado, is expanding its core mission of enabling routine HIE transactions to now include collecting new sources of information that can help providers better understand their patients and the services they need.

To support the mission, CORHIO first has to improve its data services and quality, and so the HIE has contracted with software vendor Verato to improve patient matching and better resolve duplicate patient entries. Resolving these types of inconsistencies will be important as the health information exchange starts collecting and using more types of data.

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For example, CORHIO partnered with Boulder County Connect in Colorado, which helps individuals track and manage benefits they receive through the county’s Department of Housing and Human Services. CORHIO will bring new services to providers by collecting information on patients’ social determinants of health, and housing and transportation status, as well as information on fall prevention and diabetes prevention programs and food availability.

“With accountable care organizations and value-based healthcare maturing, HIEs need to mature as well and increase the value of HIE, such as using it to break down the challenges of the opioid and housing crises,” says Robert Denson, CIO at CORHIO. “We will continue to expand on data taken from the HIE to help people make better decisions.”

CORHIO has improved patient matching operations of the master patient index with Verato as Denson wants HIE staff focusing attention of finding more data sources and best practices, rather than tackling routine issues such as maintaining the MPI.

Denson assessed a few other vendors to run the MPI, but they offered a smaller suite of services that would have required CORHIO to continue hosting the MPI.

In linking the MPI with Verato, Denson found the vendor’s application programming interface “extremely straightforward and easy to exchange data with Verato,” he says.

Over time, Verato will incorporate additional sources of information into the MPI as CORHIO collects new types of data.

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