Philips, IIT Reacts platform enables ultrasound collaboration

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Philips Healthcare and IIT Reacts have launched a tele-ultrasound product that combines two-way audio-visual calls with live ultrasound streaming.

The combined solution is based on Philips' Lumify portable ultrasound system and powered by IIT's Reacts collaborative platform. It enables clinicians to connect in real time by turning a compatible smart device into an integrated tele-ultrasound solution, combining two-way audio-visual calls with live ultrasound streaming.

By using the technology platform, consulting clinicians can have a face-to-face conversation via the Lumify ultrasound system, then use cameras on smartphones to view the live ultrasound image. For example, a paramedic in an ambulance can be treating a patient with a physician in the emergency department assisting and watching what the paramedic is doing while the ambulance is on the way to the hospital.

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Software placed on smartphones enables both parties to view the live ultrasound image while discussing treatment options. The ultrasound product also can be used to teach medical students, emergency medical and disaster relief providers.

The point-of-care ultrasound capability “will open the doors for the way clinicians collaborate, educate and train,” says Randy Hamlin, a point-of-care business leader at Philips. “This all-in-one tele-ultrasound solution will enhance care delivery by bringing more confidence to ultrasound clinicians and remove barriers in education, support and training.”

Examples of using the joint product include a professor going on virtual ultrasound rounds with students and a midwife in a remote region getting guidance from an obstetrician and discussing the ultrasound exam as if they were in the same room.

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