Clinerion, Patient iP join to use patient data for clinical trials

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Two companies plan to work together to improve results from clinical trials by combining their use of data.

Clinerion and Patient iP say the collaboration aims to improve clinical trial design, site selection and patient enrollment.

The companies will collaborate using Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform and Patient IP’s proprietary daTAscape product to better target clinical trial sites and accelerate enrollment in clinical trials.

The impact of the partnership could enable the companies to globalize access to real-world data for clinical trial applications.

Clinerion aggregates healthcare information across institutions and geographies from its network of partner hospitals—it includes 17 million patient lives, with an additional 55 million lives contracted and in implementation across more than 100 hospitals on three continents.

For its part, Patient iP’s platform contains more than 16 million ambulatory electronic medical records across 5,000 practice sites.

“Patient iP and Clinerion are a partnership of providers providing similar services, with a complementary geographic footprint. The creation of a network of Clinerion alliance partners establishes a new, global and comprehensive, service resource for actionable patient data insights for clinical research,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “This collaboration will broaden our current ability to service clients with real-world data from the USA. Our offerings complement each other well.”

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