Change Healthcare gives clients the keys to cloud analytics

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The company traditionally has offered analytics, medical imaging, payment and value-based care software and has operated a platform to conduct analytics queries on behalf of clients.

But now, under a “Bring Your Own Key” service, clients can secure their healthcare analtyics and data on the platform and get help if needed.

“Hospitals, payers and providers are under constant attack from a global network of cybercriminals using advanced and evasive techniques to penetrate networks, steal data, extort healthcare organizations and capitalize on the personal health information of patients,” says Haddon Bennett, chief information security officer at Change Healthcare. “It is of paramount importance that sensitive data be protected by proper encryption that is fully controlled by the provider or payer, so they can mitigate both insider and external threats on their own terms.”

Organizations that use Change Healthcare’s platform can get their own key to conduct analytics, can make security changes independent of the vendor and have their cloud-based systems re-encrypted and operational on their own timetable without waiting for the vendor to make changes, says Rob Capobianco, vice president of value-based payments.

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Customers can control their server on the site and can disable applications to make all data inaccessible if a threat arises. A client recognizing a threat can shut down its systems immediately via a virtual power plug, Capobianco adds.

The Bring Your Own Key service supports traditional bundled payments or episode analytics providers and insurers can conduct. Capobianco notes.

Providers can analyze cost utilization for specific types of surgery and conduct queries to better understand avoidable complications, and assess financial relationships with insurers. “Episode analytics tells the value of an episode of care,” he says.

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