Breach remediation plans should ensure crisis services

After extensive pilot testing, AllClear ID, a vendor of breach preparation and response services, has rolled out a comprehensive program that guarantees that healthcare organizations have access to company resources when they’re needed.

AllClear ID’s new program, called Reserved Response, is aimed at mid-sized and larger hospital systems and insurance carriers; the company commits the talent and services will be standing by and ready to deploy within 48 to 72 hours.

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Many healthcare organizations sign a contract that places a breach remediation firm on retainer, but the contract is “empty,” because the organization has a phone number and knows the pricing, but there is no commitment that someone will actually show up when the need arises, says Bo Holland, founder and CEO at AllClear ID. Services may not be available because the firms’ employees and resources are committed elsewhere.

The price for the service depends on the number of records the organization has, Holland says.

AllClear ID is launching Reserved Response after more than a year of testing it with more than 50 organizations. The program also helps customers create incident response plans and conduct live drills, and the vendor has partnerships with forensic and legal firms to offer services.

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