Data repository helps guide physicians though treatment options

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A national data repository of widely used, sharable and computable clinical decision support artifacts, known as CDS and sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, is available to aid clinicians in ensuring they are following appropriate guidelines for the treatment being given.

CDS is a concept for a clinical standard of care agreed to within a physician community to ensure certain standards of care are being used to provide smarter and safer treatment.

“If a doctor is following a clinical standard, the doctor should know that and if not following the standard should know that,” says Rob McCready, a senior principal and health engineer at the MITRE Corporation, which operates not-for-profit research and development centers sponsored by the federal government.

During an educational session at HIMSS18, McCready and Edwin Lomotan, medical officer and chief of clinical analytics at AHRQ, will demonstrate how the CDS Connect Repository and its supporting algorithms have been used in a pilot program to improve cholesterol management.

“The takeaway is to be aware that there is a web-based online repository available today to be freely used and integrated in the electronic health records system,” McCready says.

Now, the focus of CDS Connect work is turning to management of opioid controls and pain management and McCready and Lomotan will walk through the processes. They also will explain the Five Rights of CDS: The right information to the right person in the right intervention format through the right channel and at the right time in workflow.

The session: “A National Repository of Widely Sharable, Computable CDS,” is scheduled at 8:30 a.m. on March 8 in Room Delfino 4004.

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