Health Data Management September/October 2015

  • Some organizations are ready, some are not, but soon we’ll find out how smooth or awful the ICD-10 transition will be.
    August 17
  • It was an event anticipated-and dreaded-for more than a year. IT staffs prepped, contingency plans were mapped, and it was all hands on deck when the first of the month rolled around.
    October 1
  • Montefiore Health System is serious about keeping its patient population healthy-so serious that it's working with a dozen New York City public schools in its service area to get kids active and eating their vegetables to reduce their chances of showing up later on its diabetes registry.
    September 1
  • EHR
    As the rate of EHR adoption by hospitals increases, so does an unpleasant side effect: lost revenue because of disruptions related to system conversions. Avoiding these shortfalls and expediting a smooth transition during an electronic health record system deployment is a major challenge for hospital CFOs and financial officers.
    October 5
  • HIE
    Terminology is core to everything in healthcare-from procedures to results to diagnoses. As healthcare organizations increasingly rely on information systems, agreeing on terminology usage and standards is critical to improving care, conducting analytics and other important initiatives.
    September 1
  • David Nash didn't set out to be a rock star of population health, but he was in the right place at the right time with the right professional interests. A board-certified internist, he was chairing the health policy department at Thomas Jefferson University when its president floated the idea of building a school of population health-the first in the country when it opened its doors in 2008 (and still the only one, although several schools have departments devoted to the burgeoning discipline).
    October 1