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Amy Abernethy, MD
Title: Chief Medical Officer/Chief Scientific Officer and SVP, Oncology

Organization: Flatiron Health

Years in HIT: 12

Previous Positions: Director, Board of Directors, athenahealth; adjunct professor of medicine, Duke University School of Medicine; Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine, including previous positions as Associate and Assistant Professor; Director, Duke Center for Learning Health Care, Duke Clinical Research Institute; Director, Duke Cancer Care Research Program, Duke Cancer Institute.

Significant achievements: As Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, Abernethy leads the medical and research vision and strategy for Flatiron Health. Flatiron is a health data and technology company in New York focused on organizing cancer data and using it to accelerate research and optimize clinical care. Abernethy was an early employee at Flatiron when it was an early startup, and has been with it through its growth. Flatiron now has more than 400 employees and $313 million in funding.

Impact on HIT: Since starting her career, Abernethy has concentrated on what she calls “the bigger problems in the healthcare system,” specifically around “learning healthcare,” the bridge between research and practice where each informs the other through data. “In this way the care of an individual patient is informed by all people with similar characteristics who came before them,” she says.

Abernethy works to drive conversation at the federal level about learning healthcare – concentrating on how real-world data (often defined as patient information that goes beyond what is normally collected in clinical trials) can be used to advance cancer research.