Hot Topics from HIMSS '19
Patients’ role will grow as stewards of their own data, which will improve data liquidity, says John Halamka.
April 5
A good relationship helps the healthcare organization and vendor to gain long-term value, says CIO Marc Probst.
March 26
Next release in 2020 will have additional clinical content resources, says HL7 CTO Wayne Kubick.
March 22
Vendor trade group aims to improve consistency in states’ approaches, says Leigh Burchell
March 20
The emergence of FHIR as a key interoperability standard is only a first step in boosting data exchange.
March 19
The industry is starting to see the potential of what machine learning can achieve with health data that's moved out of traditional silos.
March 15
In this exclusive video from HIMSS, Erin Benson, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, addresses how risk plays out in the healthcare market and why it's important to look at all points of access. She also discusses how health systems should approach their cyber security strategies and what else should be taken into account.
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