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William Hersh, M.D.

William Hersh, M.D.

By William Hersh, M.D., professor and chair, Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology, Oregon Health & Science University. Dr. Hersh blogs as the Informatics Professor.
  • HIT Think Books Are Not Dead, Especially Informatics Books

    An article last fall in The New Republic noted that the book industry has not quite followed the music and film-camera industries in being disruptively innovated out of their traditional products [1]. Book publishing certainly has changed, but neither the decomposition of music albums into single songs has not happened with books, nor has the transition from a physical to digital medium undermined the basic economic model of books. Yes, the book industry has been…
  • HIT Think Health I.T. Job Growth Has Been Underestimated?

    New data from an analysis of online job postings confirms that employment growth in health information technology (HIT) has even further exceeded projections.
  • HIT Think Do Physicians Spend Too Much Time With Computers?

    A recent study of work hours of medical interns in the new era of duty hour regulations produced an interesting side finding, which is that modern medical interns spend about 40% of their time at a computer [1]. To some, this prompted concern that computers were drawing medical trainees away from patients and their care. A finding like this certainly warrants attention. However, I wonder whether many expressing concern are asking the wrong question. The…